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Self Study Plan Intro
Self Study Plan Intro

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4th Sep 07:30 PM
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Type - 1

(1 Total Tests)

Test - 1 : Week 1 (Geography W1)

100 Questions
200 Marks
120 Minutes
3 Attempts available
Score: - -

Type - 2

(1 Total Tests)

Test - 1 : Week 1 (Geography W1)

100 Questions
200 Marks
120 Minutes
3 Attempts available
Score: - -

Type - 3

(1 Total Tests)

Test - 1 : Week (Polity + Ancient History W1)

100 Questions
200 Marks
120 Minutes
3 Attempts available
Score: - -
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Self Study Plan - Reference and Booklist

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Type 1 - SSP 2022 : Week 1(Geography W1)

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Type 2 - SSP 2022 : Week 1(Geography W1)

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Type 3 - SSP 2022 : Week 1 (Polity + Ancient History W1)

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Type 1 - SSP 2022 : Week 2 (Polity W1)

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Type 2 - SSP 2022 : Week 2 (Geography W2)

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Type 3 - SSP 2022 : Week 2 (Polity + Ancient History W2)

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Plans & Packages

UPSC 2022 One year Self Study Plan ( Prelims + Mains ) : Batch 13

₹3,000/- ₹2,500/- 16.67%

Course Starts from 29th Nov 2021

Course Duration: One Year

Prelims + Mains Syllabus Coverage : Daily Study Targets will be provided with reference of details such as(Book Name, Chapter No, Topic Etc.)

Tests will be holistically covering GS Syllabus, CSAT and Current Affairs.

For Mains : Answer writing questions with Solution Model will be provided Every Week

Interview(Personality Test) related guidance will be provided by Candidates who have cracked UPSC Exams.

Periodic Mentorship will be provided by UPSC Toppers.

Weekly Mock Tests will be Conducted On the Topics Which Students had Studied in that Particular Week ,Also Students Can Check Their All India Ranking & Test Performance.

Weekly Mock Tests will be Conducted on the Topics which students had studied in that Particular Week. Also students can check their All India Ranking and Test Performance.

Why should I join this Plan?

If you are a student who is preparing for UPSC 2022 on your own and don’t know How to Start, What is the Syllabus, Booklist and Preparation Strategy, challenges of Time Management, Unable to follow Time table, looking for the right guidance and mentorship then you can join this plan.

What are the 03 different Study Plan Types available in this Course?

In Type 1 Study Plan Students have to read 1 subject for 1 week along with current affairs then shift to Next Subject (Every Week New Subject)

Example: If for Week 01: We have Polity then in Week02: Geography will be the subject, Week 3: Ancient History

(Any Student Can Select this Plan)

In this Plan, we will consecutively complete one subject in full fledge (along with current affairs) and then switch to other subject.

Example: if we start with Polity & if Polity takes 4 weeks to read complete syllabus then after 4 weeks plan will shift to Next Subject

(Absolutely Beginners Can Select this Plan)

In this type, students will read daily 2 subjects along with current affairs

Example: Week 01: Polity + Ancient History,  Week 02: Geography + Environment

(Students who have read the complete syllabus at least once can select this plan)

Note: After enrolment, you will get an email and SMS from UPSC Guide to submit a form, In that form, students have to fill Study Plan which they are opting for & as per your selected plan we will upload it in your portal.

Admission Procedure:

Click On Buy Now Button, Use Coupon (if Any), and Make Payment. After Payment Course will be added in your dashboard at

How to Access course:

Log in to www., Click on the dashboard section there you find all your purchased courses, explore the course & you will get 3 Options

1. Videos: In this section, you can watch all video lectures like strategy sessions, mentorship sessions, etc.

2. Test: To attend online Prelims Mock tests.

3. Study Material: To Download Prelims & Mains Mock test and Solution PDF, Notes if any, Schedule or any other type of PDF material.

Course Starts from  29th Nov 2021

Discount coupon: U20

What is Self-Study plan 2022?

It is a structured study plan for UPSC CSE Exam 2022 aspirants who wish to prepare on their own without enrolling in a coaching program.

Who all can opt for the Self-Study Plan? And how is it Beneficial for Aspirants?

We have designed the self-study plan for 2 types of students in 3 different categories

 (scroll down to see 3 different types of study plans).

Type 1: Absolute Beginners – Let us understand the problems faced by Type 1 Students:

1)      In Choosing Proper booklist

2)      Don’t Know-how & where to start

3)      Maintaining Daily Time Table & Study Routine

4)      Orientation & Personal doubt resolution

Type 2: Students who have read the syllabus at least once or attempted the exam once.

Problem Faced by Type 2 Students:

1)      Revision

2)      Maintaining Daily Time Table & Study Routine

3)      Consistency in the preparation

4)      Orientation & Personal doubt resolution

We have tried to provide a solution to all the above problems in UPSC GUIDE’S Self Study Plan.

 What do we provide in Self Study Plan?

  • GS Prelims & Mains Syllabus Coverage
  • Weekly Plan with Daily Study Targets:
Monday to Saturday Daily achievable Study Targets with detailed book reference and chapter details will be provided to students & Sunday for mock test and revision
  • Weekly Mock Test:
Every Sunday we will be conducting the Prelims and Mains Mock tests based on the syllabus read for that week.
  • Prelims Mock Test- A total of 100 Questions will be provided for mock tests. Also, a Detailed Test Solution PDF and Test Report (With your ALL INDIA RANK) will be provided.

(Note: To explore the sample test (10 Questions) Click on Tests Tab and explore the sample mock Test.

  • Mains Mock Test- A total of 6 questions will be provided. Also, for the mains questions, we will be providing the model answers to meet the demand of UPSC.


Below are few FAQs :

1. Mentorship sessions frequency will be every 15 days. To watch live students are advised to watch through chrome browser.

2. To select the plan you will get email and sms . Note this is not automated process team manually does it so wait for the week of enrollment to receive one.

3. Kindly note since this plan is purely study planner based there are no refund policies in place as the course fee is already very minimal.

4. The assured weekly tests will happen after the 4 week of the start of the course. Not immediate Sunday once the course starts. This is because the first 4 weeks are for students to get in routine of studying for long hours and get adjusted to the plan.

☑️ Periodic Mentorship sessions and guidance will be provided by UPSC Toppers & Faculty to ensure the preparation of students in on Track
☑️ Strategy Sessions On Every GS Subject, Answer Writing & Tips & Strategy
☑️ Periodic Revision of the Complete syllabus is also covered in this plan.
☑️ Strategy Sessions On: Every GS Subject, Mains Answer Writing, Current Affairs Preparation Ect
☑️ Affordable Fees

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