Target Prelims 2022 Test Series

Online Mock Tests meeting UPSC Standards. Video Discussion and analysis of Test questions of the mock tests.
Individual Topics / Subject Wise Performance Graph as value addition material for revision.
All India Ranking to understand and measure the strength and weaknesses of the candidate.
Questions as per UPSC Trends prepared by Previous years UPSC Selected Candidates & Team UPSC Guide

Stage 1

Previous Year Question Paper

NCERT Based Questions

Stage 2

Sectional Tests (Subject Wise)

Stage 3

Full Length Test


Last 5 Years UPSC CSE GS Tests Pre Uploaded on Portal We have Uploaded last 5 years UPSC CSE Test Papers in Students Dashboard. This will help in understanding UPSC Exam Pattern checked by UPSC in the examination. Students are advised to attempt PYQ’s before attending sectional tests whether you have completed or not the complete syllabus.
5 NCERT Based Mock Tests Pre Uploaded on Portal In UPSC CSE Prelims Examination few questions are directly asked from NCERT books. So We advise students to Attempt NCERT Based Tests at least once. Also We have added Important NCERT Based Questions in Sectional & Full Length Syllabus Test


UPSC CSE Prelims 2022 Preparation Plan & Strategy by UPSC CSE Previous year Selected Candidates

Mocks Date Topic
Test 01
Live Test Discussion
23/01/2022 Polity
Test 02
Live Test Discussion
30/01/2022 Ancient + Medieval
Test 03
Live Test Discussion
06/02/2022 Modern + Art Culture
Test 04
Live Test Discussion
13/02/2022 Economy
Test 05
Live Test Discussion
20/02/2022 Environment & ST

Mentoring & Strategy Session by UPSC CSE Previous year selected Candidate

Test 06
Live Test Discussion
27/02/2022 Polity
Test 07
Live Test Discussion
06/03/2022 Ancient + Medieval
Test 08
Live Test Discussion
13/03/2022 Modern + Art Culture
Test 09
Live Test Discussion
20/03/2022 Economy
Test 10
Live Test Discussion
27/03/2022 Environment & ST

Mentoring & Strategy Session by UPSC CSE Previous year selected Candidate

Test 11
Live Test Discussion
03/04/2022 Polity + Economy
Test 12
Live Test Discussion
06/04/2022 History
Test 13
Live Test Discussion
10/04/2022 Environment + ST


Test 14          13/04/2022 Full Syllabus
Test 15          17/04/2022 Full Syllabus
Test 16          20/04/2022 Full Syllabus
Test 17          24/04/2022 Full Syllabus
Test 18          27/04/2022 Full Syllabus
Test 19            01/05/2022 Full Syllabus
Test 20          05/05/2022 Full Syllabus