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Batch Start: 27th Sept 2021
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Batch Start : 13th Sept 2021
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Cracking the UPSC civil services exams, one of the toughest exams in the country, requires not just dedication and hard work, but also a systematic approach to its preparation. Talent can get you only so far. It requires proper planning and organizing to clear the UPSC CIVIL Services exam. The skill of organizing daily study routine and managing proper study timetable can be achieved using UPSC GUIDE Self Study Plan.

UPSC GUIDE Self Study Plan Course details:

  • Prelims + Mains Syllabus Coverage : Daily Study Targets Will be Provided with reference of books ( Book Name, Chapter No. Etc. ) Will Be Covered.
  • Weekly Mock Tests will be Conducted On the Topics Which Students had Studied in that Particular Week ,Also Students Can Check Their All India Ranking & Test Performance.
  • Tests will be holistically covering GS Syllabus, CSAT and Current Affairs.
  • Test discussion videos by Subject Experts will be provided.
  • Periodic Mentorship will be provided by UPSC Toppers.
  • For Mains : Answer writing questions with Solution Model will be provided Every Week
  • Interview Sessions for guidance by Candidates who have cracked UPSC Exams.  

Benefits of a study plan for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation

  • It saves time:- Random studies never yield good results.  You will most likely not be able to finish your syllabus if you don’t follow a pattern and your IAS dream will remain unfulfilled only because you lacked a plan.
  • It increases productivity:- A study plan helps streamline your UPSC civil services preparation. This way you avoid going into depth where it is not needed. With a study plan, you prepare only as per the UPSC syllabus thus eliminating wastage of time. This increases your productivity.
  • It helps track your progress:- With a study plan you can evaluate yourself as to how far you have come in your IAS preparation.
  • It gives you direction:- A study plan puts you in charge of your preparation. It gives you a sense of direction and you know where to go. You will not be overwhelmed with the gigantic syllabus.
  • It improves your recall:- A study plan helps your brain focus which in turn leads to better memory and understanding of the concepts.
  • It helps you maintain your health:- Having and following a study plan means the work load is uniformly distributed over the course of your study and you don’t have to sit up late or study at odd hours. This way you can take care of your physical and mental well-being.
  • It helps avoid stress:- With a study plan you tend to study more regularly and this reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It helps in self-study:- A study plan is utmost essential if you are self-studying for your UPSC civil services. Without a constant mentor to push you, you may wander off or fall back in your preparation. A study plan ensures that you are on track.
  • It gives you different approaches for different topics:- As mentioned earlier, a study plan avoids random study. Each subject in the UPSC exams requires specialised approaches. Your study plan lets you customise your preparation according to the subject.
  • It makes you be better prepared:- Finally, a study plan can give you an edge over your competitors in the UPSC exams. Since you would be able to cover whatever you intended to, and you would be stress-free in the run-up to the civil services exams, you will be better prepared.

Don’t panic if you feel your study plan is very different from others. You have created one according to your needs and style. STICK TO IT and don’t change it midway. 

UPSC GUIDE is an online education platform registered under the Government of India under Nikam Education OPC Private Limited, which functions under the Advisory board of Previous Years Selected Officers. The primary motto of the organization is to break the barriers of UPSC Aspirants and help them achieve their dream and fly with colorful wings in the skies of Mussorie and career as well. In the recent year 2020-21, we have made the accomplishment of reaching every corner of the nation. We are proud to make this announcement that more than 5000 students have enrolled in various courses provided by us including the GS Foundation Course and Optional Classes for various subjects. We were also successful in covering the Current Affairs classes along with qualified Self Study Plans and Test Series. We are also happy to announce that we have extended our reach to J&K Family supporting aspirants with Free Coaching in Kapwara district Administration (J&K). Innovation is the key to deal with the current changes and challenges we face. With this note, we have successfully helped aspirants connect with achievers. We at UPSC GUIDE conducted various Live Sessions (Open for all) with many dignitaries. Till date we have reached the count of 150 Officers who have completed the live session on our social handle (IG: @upsc_guide) Live sessions with Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi (Ex IPS Officer), Ira Singhal IAS AIR -01, Dr. Bilal Bhat IAS AIR 10, Saurabh Sabhlok IFS, Safin Hasan IPS, Pradeep Singh IAS, Nitin Kulkarni IAS (Secretary)  are also included. 

We have now expanded our wings and have ventured into offering a full-fledged educational service to aspiring students.

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