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Saathi Program

Saathi Program Introduction
Saathi Program Introduction

Conducted On:

1st Sep 10:30 AM
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Session 3
Session 3

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23rd Sep 11:00 AM

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Saath Program

Session 2
Session 2

Conducted On:

16th Sep 11:00 AM

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Session 1
Session 1

Conducted On:

12th Sep 08:00 PM
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Saathi program

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Saathi Program for Undergraduate UPSC Aspirants

₹ 2,500 /-

Course Starts From 9th Sep 2021

Course Duration 1 year

Syllabus Divided into 24 Modules

Day wise study targets

6 full length tests will be provided

Specially designed for undergraduates/college students




If you are an undergraduate student or a beginner with no guidance of subjects and syllabus but want to prepare for UPSC, this course is surely for you!

The best part is that it not only prepares you for the basic syllabus of UPSC but also will be helpful in other government examinations if one is planning to take them.

All the aspects of NCERT’s will be completed by the end of the course.

Being in college doesn't give the students much time for preparation along with their studies and classes but they want to get into services after completion of graduation, so the plan has been divided into easy modules and daily goals so as to make it easier for you to read topics by investing little time from your daily schedule.

It will help you in building a sitting habit for the preparation of examination in the long run, complete all your basic syllabus, test with the help of module based tests, mentor you in the field and enhance your confidence towards UPSC. It will help you inculcate long hours sitting habits in you when you prepare full time.

SAATHI program will be helpful to the aspirants in many ways -

  1. Preparing along with their undergraduate studies and college schedule by dedicating a small amount of time towards civil services examination.
  2. Maintaining a sitting habit for further preparation of civil services examination.
  3. Completing all the basic NCERT from Class 6th - 12th
  4. Checking their progress by taking up module based tests and full length tests at the end of the program.
  5. Getting a mentor to help you with the doubts and problems related to the civil services examination.
  6. Understanding the syllabus in a holistic manner.
  7. Continuous check will be kept on all students with follow ups from the mentor.

It will help you develop -


It is a promise to all the aspirants who are thinking of preparing for civil services examination that all the basic syllabus will be covered and completed with the help of NCERT’s along with their undergraduate program.

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Course Starts From 9th Sep 2021

What is SAATHI PROGRAM? What syllabus it covers in this plan?

This Program is for simplifying your preparation to crack CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION, Specially Designed For Undergraduate UPSC Aspirants

Key Highlights of the course:

  • YEAR LONG PROGRAM - The program has been designed with a restricted time limit of a year which will help an undergraduate student to invest limited minutes/ hours from their daily schedule towards civil services preparation along with their regular studies and responsibilities towards the college.
  • MODULE SYSTEM - The whole basic syllabus has been divided into 24 MODULES, to provide an ease in checking the completion of daily schedules and taking up tests related to each module. 
  • TARGETS - Day wise study targets will be provided to the aspirants for self study. A sample of the same is attached at the end of this file.
  • TESTS - At the end of each module, the student will be provided with a test to check their progress in the following module and help them understand their approach on multiple choice questions.
  • MENTORSHIP - Mentorship sessions and webinars will be conducted at the end of each module to keep in check with the progress of the students and help them with any kind of problem that arrives in relation to their study plan, schedule or syllabus. The mentor will act as an anchor to the students who take up the SAATHI program and will be available to help you in any kind of difficulty faced in their studies and clearing all kinds of doubts related to the examination. It will enable the students to check their progress in respect to their plan, schedule and syllabus.
  • DEDICATED STUDY TIME - The program has been designed keeping in mind the duties and responsibilities of a college student and hence, the topics are provided with the approximate time required by a student to complete that particular chapter/ topic.
  • FULL LENGTH TESTS - 6 full length tests along with the 24 module tests to practice the NCERT based syllabus in the program. This will help an aspirant to practice and revise the syllabus in prelims style pattern at the end of their study program.

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Who can join this plan?

Anyone who is planning to prepare for the Union public service commission or state public service commission examination.

What does it consist of?

Basic syllabus coverage with dedicated time limit and easy modules with tests after each module.

What type of mentorship is available?

Mentorship is unlimited to all the aspects of exam, preparation, course and completion of the same. Mentor will act as a guide to you to walk you through it.

Why are modules used?

Modules will make your syllabus completion easier and target based. Once you have completed a module, you can take the test for the same.

What is the duration of the program?

As it is made, keeping in mind the busy schedule of undergraduate students, the whole syllabus will be covered in around one to one and a half years.

Will the tests be available if I miss them?

Yes, they will be available till the end day of the program.

How to access the course?

On the website of Upsc Guide.

Is it a teaching plan?

No, it's for self study only.

Can I join it in my 1st year?

Yes, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, any year would be good to start with basics.

Do I have to read standard books?

No, only NCERT based study plan. You will complete your basics along with your degree.

What’s special about it?

Daily targets, time required to complete the targets, mentorship sessions, module based tests, full length tests.

Can I prepare for other examinations as well along with this course?

This course provides a two fold benefit to you - for UPSC as well as for other government examinations as it includes basics from NCERTS, which are an important aspect in all kinds of examinations.

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