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Essay Writing by Ravi Kapoor IRS

Essay L 3
Essay L 3

Conducted On:

29th Oct 08:00 PM

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Essay L 2
Essay L 2

Conducted On:

22nd Oct 08:00 PM

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Essay L 1
Essay L 1

Conducted On:

15th Oct 08:00 PM

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All Materials (Total 5)

Essay Lesson Handout 1

Essay Lesson Handout 2

Essay Lesson Handout 3

Essay Lesson Handout 4

Essay Lesson Handout 5

Plans & Packages

Essay Writing Program

₹ 3,800 /-

Course Duration : 4 Weeks

Duration of each Live class : 3 Hrs

Course Validity : 12 Months

Doubt Clearing Sessions.

Essay Study Material to be provided in PDF Copy as Lecture Notes.

Weekly Assignments of Essay[Total 10 Assignments].

Access to watch recorded lectures Multiple Times.

Enrollment closed on 1st May 2021





Importance of Essay in UPSC CSE:

Out of 1750 Marks of the mains examinations total 250 marks are allocated to the essay paper. Students have to write 2 Essays from the essay topics asked in exam for about 1000-1200 words each.Essay is the one of the most scoring area in the UPSC CSE Mains examination. This can be the real game-changer for many. However this is the most neglated paper by many aspirants for various reasons.UPSC Syllabus is vast in nature hence it requires a good time management skill. To consider the fact that every GS Paper of Mains examination is 250 Marks for which students have to invest minimum of 1 to 2 months roughly to cover syllabus of each GS Paper.To understand better consider that a student have to complete syllabus of Polity, then it is expected from students to invest around 4 to 5 weeks for the 1st reading of Polity. Then we have the game of multiple readings and revisions which will require more time.With all these efforts and time invested it is not easy to score 150+.However Essay Paper is that game changer paper where with the minimal efforts students can aim to score 150+ marks out of 250 marks.The idea behind explaining the above is students are expected to work smart instead of working hard.

How this Program will help Aspirants?

Essay Program will help aspirants to understand the essay paper and decode the myths revolving around this paper. Also will enable aspirants to come up with well-structured essays using the right techniques and methodology. All the learnings and techniques from this program will enable aspirants to crack the question of How to Score 150+ marks in essay? This program will cover the essay in complete 360 degree holistically. Essay program will be the perfect kit for absolute beginners as well. During the Essay Program, Lectures and Notes will be provided throughout the week where students have to explore the lectures and go through the notes and gear up their preparation. The lectures and notes will enable aspirants to write well-structured essays. Also along with the lecture notes additional content will be provided which can be used to enhance the essays in the exam.

Weekly once our instructor will go live with students for almost 03 hours and decode the areas which is above in Key Highlights of the course and guide aspirants.


Currently for Essay Writing Course many institutes are charging INR 5000 to 15000 fees easily. However not everyone can afford this. Also aware of the fact that with minimal guidance aspirants can ace this paper. Hence to remove the financial crunch as barrier we requested Ravi Kapoor Sir to guide Aspirants via UPSC Guide. Ravi Kapoor Sir was the right fit as instructor to guide aspirants for all the amount of research done, tried and tested methods and finally have come with the output i.e. by becoming the author of the book which simplifies the paper preparation. We at UPSC Guide are charging very minimal fees to bear operational costs only and make this course pocket-friendly for all aspirants who have the thirst of learning. Instructor in this program will be on Pro bono basis.

How to Enroll and Access Course?

To Access Live/Recorded class, Tests, Study Material, Click on Explore the Course from your Dashboard, You can find 3 Menus:

Course start:- 15th Oct 2021


Our Instructor and mentor in this program will be RAVI KAPOOR IRS Sir. 

His passion for teaching and simplifying the UPSC exam for aspirants attracted sir to be a part of this program on Pro bono. 

He is a author of famous answer writing book called "The Ultimate cheat book for essay and answer writng"

Mr. Ravi Kapoor IRS cleared UPSC Exam and is currently serving as Deputy Commissioner at Government Of India. 

Ravi Kapoor holds immense experiance in guiding IAS aspirants and so far have mentored and guided more then 10,000 students.

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