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यूपीएससी 2022 एक वर्षीय सेल्फ स्टडी प्लान(Self Study Plan) (प्रीलिम्स + मेन्स): बैच 2

₹3,000/- ₹2,500/- 16.67%

Course Starts from 29th Nov 2021

Course Duration: One Year

Prelims + Mains Syllabus Coverage : Daily Study Targets will be provided with reference of details such as(Book Name, Chapter No, Topic Etc.)

Tests will be holistically covering GS Syllabus, CSAT and Current Affairs.

For Mains : Answer writing questions with Solution Model will be provided Every Week

Interview(Personality Test) related guidance will be provided by Candidates who have cracked UPSC Exams.

Periodic Mentorship will be provided by UPSC Toppers.

Weekly Mock Tests will be Conducted On the Topics Which Students had Studied in that Particular Week ,Also Students Can Check Their All India Ranking & Test Performance.

Weekly Mock Tests will be Conducted on the Topics which students had studied in that Particular Week. Also students can check their All India Ranking and Test Performance.